How To Get Your Aerial

How To Get Your Aerial

Steps To Get Your Aerial (No-handed Cartwheel)

Step 1. Perfect your running cartwheel and do it with a lot of power.

Step 2. Perfect your one-handed cartwheel and do it with a lot of power. If you keep putting your hand down, then try holding something to prevent that.

Step 3. Keep practicing your powerful one-handed cartwheel, while trying to remove a little more of the pressure from the hand you put down each time. 

Step 4. Go for it! 

Keep practicing and don't give up! You got this!!

For me, the aerial was the most elusive trick of all! It took me 10 months from the time I had a solid one-handed cartwheel to get my aerial. However, other tricks such as my front aerial, no-handed front handspring and round off back handspring came so much faster and easier! 

Once you have your aerial, I'll give you tips for getting more height and speed. Good luck!!

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