How To Get Your Front Aerial

How To Get Your Front Aerial

Tips & Tricks to Get Your Front Aerial

Step 1. Stretch out your back, using a stability ball or by doing a bridge or back bend. Keep working on your backbend until you're able to do it slowly with a lot of control. 

Step 2. Now it's time to practice your front walk over.  Start by doing a handstand with control, then practice arching your back and going over with one leg in front of the other. Use a spotter if necessary. Keep practicing until you have a lot of power.

Step 3. Try doing a front walkover with less weight on your weaker hand, continue practicing until you're able to do a one-handed front walk over. Use a spotter and focus on your prep and arching your back.

Step 4. Go for it! It helps if you have a bosu ball to give you more height and more time to think about arching your back, pulling and landing it.

Keep practicing and don't give up! You got this!! Good luck!!

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