How to Sew DIY Tie Dye Face Masks

How to Sew DIY Tie Dye Face  Masks

😷 Step-by-step instructions for sewing your own face masks 😷

  • 100% cotton
  • comfy
  • breathable
  • double filtration

Best of all, you can sew your masks from materials you already have around the house. With elastic so hard to come by, I'll show you how to make straps out of fabric that are even more comfortable than elastic.


  • Use cotton sheets or pillow cases for mask and straps
  • Tie Dye and rubber bands optional


  • Face Mask: 9"x 14" (folded to 9"x7")
  • Straps: 2.25"x 30" for each side strap (shown in video) 

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Did you know: If EVERYONE wore masks outside of the house, it would dramatically increase everyone's safety. So please, wear masks outdoors and in stores! Be well and stay safe. 

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