DIY Tie Dye Shirt Designs

DIY Tie Dye Shirt Designs

Tie Dye is So Fun & Easy

It's the perfect activity for all of us stuck at home. All you need are some t-shirts and dye to get started. The Tie Dye Kits (unlike toilet paper and hand sanitizer) are still available on Amazon. I'll show you a few different techniques to get the designs you want.

How to Tie Dye T-Shirts

  • Click here to order Tie Dye Kit on Amazon.
  • Find light colored t-shirts to tie dye
  • Dampen your t-shirt
  • Use the crinkle or swirl method shown in my video
  • Add your colors
  • Wait 4 to 6 hours
  • Open up the t-shirt and wash in cold water (no detergent)
  • Dry
There you have it! Beautiful Tie Dye Designs that don't cost a fortune, right at home!

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