How to Throw the Ultimate Harry Potter Birthday Party Without Spending a Million Galleons

How to Throw the Ultimate Harry Potter Birthday Party Without Spending a Million Galleons

Here's everything you need to throw the Ultimate Harry Potter Birthday Party! This was my actual 9th birthday so every idea has been tested by real kids and proven to be fun.

1. Send out invitations as Hogwarts Acceptance Letters. Put a Hogwarts Express Platform 9 ¾ ticket inside the envelope.

2. When your friends arrive, have them enter through Platform 9 ¾. You can buy wall covering to make a Platform ¾ by going to and searching for brick wall coverings. Hang the brick wall covering across the entranceway and put a slit down the middle with platform 9 on one side and platform 10 on the other. Tip: add magnets on the two bottom corners to prevent the slits from separating.


3. As the kids are waiting for everyone to arrive, have them take a Hogwarts House Quiz to determine which house they will be sorted into later on during the party. Once everyone has arrived and has taken the Hogwarts House Quiz, have them go outside and hunt for Galleons to spend in Diagon Alley. What kid doesn't like hunting for chocolate? You can use chocolate gilt as Galleons later on.

4. To make the Diagon Alley entrance, repeat what you did for Platform 9 ¾ but use stone instead of brick. Line the walls with the extra stone and make a sign for Ollivander’s Wand Shop (stretching across a doorway) inside of Diagon Alley. Have the kids use the Galleons to go shopping in Diagon Alley for their goody bags and wands.


5. To make the wands, buy 18” wooden sticks at Michael’s or chopsticks and use hot glue to make the wand’s handle and design. Just as the glue is about to dry, rub it in between your hands to smooth out any uneven hot glue. Finally, paint the wands brown, gray or black. This is a super easy, fun and cheap DIY!

6. After everyone has gotten their wands and other goodies from Diagon Alley, take them into the Hogwarts Great Hall to get sorted into their houses. Have each kid take turns wearing the sorting hat and use the information from the quiz to sort them. Our hat had a phone pocket and my dad on speaker phone sorted the kids from another room. Magic!!


7. Time to eat, drink and have Hogwarts cake!!

9. Once everyone is done eating, take them to Potions Class to do a fun DIY by Adele DIYs!  Here are a couple easy DIYs to do at a party -- making lip gloss or unicorn snot. I also have DIY videos on bath bombs, squishy soap, and slimeMake sure you SUBSCRIBE TO Adele DIYs on YouTube for fun DIY videos every week!

10. The next class is Divination Class. For Divination Class, put a different food coloring color in each cup, then cover it with ice. Give one cup to each child. Pour Sprite or any clear liquid into each cup to reveal each child’s fortune.

11. The next class is Transfiguration where the kids can do each others’ makeup, nails and hairstyles. 

12. Then it’s time for a night cap of butterbeer! Make the butterbeer with vanilla ice cream, cream soda and butterscotch syrup.

If it's not already 3 am, you can put on your favorite Harry Potter movie before bed. 

Hope your party is AMAZING! If you have more party ideas, please share them in the Comments section below. Please SUBSCRIBE TO Adele DIYs on YouTube 

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