Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

Why Plan a Fair Easter Egg Hunt?

I came up with this idea to create a more fair (no tears) egg hunt based on a disappointing experience I had when I was little. Our neighborhood would have an Easter Egg hunt for the big kids and little kids. But little kids like me wouldn't find any eggs. Sad face. Try my fair egg hunt where everyone's a winner.

How It Works

Buy a ton of eggs in a lot of different colors, and have as many of one type of egg as there are participants in the egg hunt. Each kid can only find one of each color.

In addition to filling the eggs with candy, I like to get big prizes that won't fit in the eggs: like slime, squishies, lip gloss, school supplies, hand sanitizers, hotwheels. I write out exactly what the prize is on a slip of paper (blue slime, green slime, clear slime, glitter slime).

The egg hunt isn't over until everyone has found every color. There are always a few really hard to find eggs and that's when everyone joins together to help each other find those hard-to-find eggs. It's a lot more fun when everyone is in the egg hunt together.

At the very end, the kids get to open their eggs and redeem their cards for the prizes and that's always a lot of fun, too.

Egg Hunts For All Occasions

I love egg hunts so much I see no reason to limit them to Easter. During sleepovers and birthday parties, break out the eggs, hide them around your house, in your backyard, or in the park. Pick your favorite animal (mine is unicorns) and call it a "Unicorn Egg Hunt."

So much fun! Such great prizes! Everyone's a winner!

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    Where are are some egg hunts at would u no

  • Elizabeth

    973 jellybeans

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    Great job my guess is 254

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    Great job, I think there are 854 jelly beans in the jar.

  • Amber

    I say 540 jelly beans in the jar

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