Barbie Bungee Jumping 🏆

Barbie Bungee Jumping 🏆

Hi there! I'm Ghoulia and the first time I tried Bungee Jumping, I ended up in a pool of my own blood and had to be rushed to the hospital 😱I'm not even kidding.

In bed with two broken legs, I had a lot of time to think about the math behind bungee jumping. Now that I'm a math wiz, I'm able to calculate the optimal length of my bungee so that I don't end up dead!!

I'm so thrilled to report that my jump was a huge success! Watch this video to see how I did it so you, too, can crush your Barbie Bungee Jumping Experiment and ace Algebra. If you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, please LIKE my video and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.

I have a lot of fun school related videos, arts & crafts DIYs, and dance & acro videos.

Hugs, Adele DIYs

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