How I Use My iPad Pro for Online School and Taking Notes

How I use my iPad Pro for online school + best apps for note taking!

I'll start with a comparison between the​ iPad Pro 11 inch vs 12.9 inch and the reasons why I found the smaller iPad better for online school and especially notetaking.

There are a lot of improved accessories for the iPad Pro, such as the Apple pencil with a magnet so you can't lose it!

Then we get into the note taking and what I've found to be the best note taking app. I started off using OneNote which is free and it works really well; however an important feature it does not have is the "text to type" feature where your handwritten notes are converted to type written notes, making them much neater and easier to scan and search. For me, this was a deal breaker and I needed to get GoodNotes 5 for a one-time cost of $7.

I'll walk you through a step-by-step demo and features of GoodNotes 5.


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