Fairy Floss Clear Glitter Slime

Fairy Floss Clear Glitter Slime

How to Make DIY Clear Glitter Slime

  • My DIY clear glitter slime only has two ingredients -- Elmer's glitter glue and Tide free & gentle detergent.
  • I'll show you how to get the proportions just right and the best way to store it so it lasts a long, long time.
  • Mine has lasted for 6 months so far in air tight food storage containers.
  • If it ever gets too sticky, I simply add a little bit of detergent. I also like to let it sit, untouched for days after making it to remove all the air bubbles so it becomes super clear and transparent.

Benefits of Slime

  • Slime is a wonderful stress release and super satisfying to play with.
  • I keep it on my desk at home and use it to help me take breaks when I'm engaged in a focused activity like reading, writing or doing my homework. 

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