How To Make Awesome YouTube Thumbnails on your iPhone

How To Make Awesome YouTube Thumbnails on your iPhone

Make Awesome Thumbnails -- Get More Views and Subscribers

In less than 5 minutes, I'll show you how to make Custom YouTube Thumbnails with Text, on your iPhone. Free & Easy. No photoshop required. Get more YouTube views and subscribers!

Create Custom Thumbnails with Text on Photos in the Phonto App (FREE)

  • Download Phonto:
  • Click camera icon at bottom
  • Click plain image
  • Select plain white
  • Click dimensions at the top and "custom"
  • Change width to 16 and height to 9 for YouTube
  • Click the hamburger menu at the bottom left corner
  • Click add image and select the photo(s) you want from your library *Adjust/ enlarge image to fit
  • Click anywhere to add text -- use Phonto's pre-set fonts or see below on how to access more fonts
  • Move the text to where you want it
  • Click Style to change the color of the text
  • Click Stroke to add a different color outline to the text for added readability
  • Once you're happy with the thumbnail, click the send arrow to save it Links to

Resources mentioned in Video

Phonto app for iPhone and iPad:

Library of fonts:

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